Welcome to the Snowbelt Musical Arts Association, a nonprofit organization created to bring more music to the Snowbelt region of Northeast Ohio. We provide opportunities for people of all ages to participate in musical activities, both as performers and audiences.

We passionately believe that music is a lifelong learning activity and operate musical ensembles to allow area musicians to expand and develop their skills, express themselves, and share their love of music with the community. Read more about our mission, vision, core values and goals.

Blizzard Youth Winds Registration

Registration for the Blizzard Youth Winds Winter 2023 session are now open! Be sure to get your applications in by Saturday, December 10.

2022 – 2023 Season tickets are on sale now!

Find out more about our Lake Effect Concert Band ensemble, our Blizzard Youth Winds ensemble, our Polar Vortex jazz ensemble, and our new Snowbelt Symphony Orchestra.

Photographs by Mary Mizner