Saturday, October 29, 7:00 PM
New Promise Church
8671 Euclid Chardon Rd, Kirtland
1 hour and 30 minutes, with intermission
$8 – $30


Tuneful Tidbits

  • Mozart spent 6 months seeking employment (unsuccessfully) in Paris in 1778. This is the only major work he composed while there. It’s also his first symphony to use clarinets!
  • Le Tombeau de Couperin was originally composed for piano and later orchestrated by the composer. Each movement is dedicated to a friend that had died fighting in WWI.
  • Les Indes Galantes is an opera-ballet. Each of the four acts is set in a different exotic location.
  • Le Boeuf sur le toit (The Ox on the Roof) was originally intended to accompany a Charlie Chaplin silent film, but premiered as a ballet. Milhaud served as the secretary to the French ambassador to Brazil from 1917-1919. He included 20 different Brazilian melodies in this work.

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